The Usual Tasks of a Shop Keeper

The Usual Tasks of a Shop Keeper


I opened the shop as per normal on December 31st, ready for a busy day supplying detectors, pin-pointer & sand scoops to everyone hitting the parks & beaches after the New Years Eve revellers had left at midnight. There’s always good finds after a big party if your early enough.


Anyway, about 10.00 am, a father with a son & daughter came into the shop & quickly came to the counter. When I asked him if I could help him, he apologised and said he was wanting a favour. Could I test if his son had swallowed a pull-tab??


Well I don’t normally go looking for pull-tabs! I’m normally setting my detector to discriminate them out if there are a lot in the area – however, given the circumstances I agreed to try but only after explaining that this was not a satisfactory method of determining if the pull tab was there or not & that he still needed to take his son to the hospital.


I used a Gold Monster – good depth, good pinpointing & all metal.


Well, bless me if the detector went off like a fire cracker. As soon I passed the coil across the boy’s throat it  gave a strong definite signal. I confirmed that I thought the boy did seem to have something in his throat & that the father should take him down the road to Flinders Emergency so they could professionally assist him.


Well, that’s a more unusual FIND  or at least unusual Hunt! – Ian